Kylie: a defence

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another article celebrating a Kylie milestone that ends up painting her as vapid, controlling and talentless, questioning why she hasn't yet *really* revealed herself to the world. The implication is that, because she's "deflecting personal questions and dodging controversy", she either has something to hide, or is hiding the fact she has nothing to hide.

I disagree with this equation! I think that Kylie's reluctance to reveal anything personal actually springs gfrom some kind of deference to the persona she has created. Unlike some people (Madonna!), Kylie has an acute understanding of the mechanics of celebrity, helped along by increasingly man-meat obsessed William Baker. She understands that this "thing" she is created is is something separate to herself, and as much a creation of others (fans included) as her own. This isn't to deny her talent - her talent is in tending this creation, and in
performing. She reveals herself in her theatricality, not through exposes. Give the lady her dues!