Monday, October 6, 2008

"Drill baby, Drill"

As much as her politics chill me to the bone, there's a certain magnificence about Palin's ascent, fall and partial rebirth. Yes, some of this is because of the eerie overlap between Palin and Tina Fey. Some it's also because of the weird (or focus-tested?) way McCain and Palin mirror the classic newsreader couple (old man, white hair, youngish woman, glasses, colourful suit).

But I think the most terrifying/wonderful aspect of the whole Palin thing is the extent to which she's pushing the boundaries of content-free politics. She doesn't just steer herself towards soundbites, she is only soundbites. Questions provide an opportunity to talk about hockey-moms, joe six-packs (which I initially thought was a guy with abs) and how she's gonna sweep out Washington. This on-message evasion seemed to find its ultimate expression in the VP debate, in which the most wonderful, perplexing and quite insane comments were uttered. To paraphrase, that she might not answer the question the way the moderator wanted to, but [in not answering the question] she's "straight talking to the American people"... Is this not mad? By being evasive, she's straight talking... It's just about as bold as rebranding the Republicans as mavericks. And then she winks at me! It's all good and well unless they win, and then the joke bleeds into another terrifying 4 years of spin and insanity.